Eyecandy - The Crazy World Of David LaChapelle

Script and direction: Hilka Sinning
creative documentary, 52 min., ZDF/ ARTE, 2006

Women are squashed by giant hamburgers, half-swallowed by sharks or swing from crystal chandeliers: welcome to David LaChapelle's world! He loves the extreme in photography and life.

The photograph illustrates what he experiences: America's everyday insanity - totally ordinary surrealism.

Only at first glance does LaChapelle remain on the surface of things. At second glance his photos are often more "evil", full of ironic breaks, references to fringe groups and excesses of modern lifestyle.

LaChapelle wants to take hold of a brutally commercialised and profoundly pornographic world. And stars like Elton John, Pamela Anderson or justin timberlake are willing to submit to the wild versions of this Pop-Artist.

In New York, roads are closed when his gallery opens a new exhibition. In Italy, he is taken as the "Fellini of Photography". His motto: "If you want reality, take the bus."

Selection of festivals:

  • FIFA – Festival International du Film sur l`Art, Montréal/ Canada
  • Toronto Photography Festival, Toronto/ Canada
  • Inside Out Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, Toronto/ Canada
  • Gdansk Docfilm Festival, Gdansk/ Poland
  • LesGaiCineMad, Madrid/ Spain
  • Festival Artecinema, Naples/ Italy
  • Milano Docfilm Festival, Milan/ Italy
  • Queerscreen , Darlinghurst/ Australia
  • Outfest: Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Los Angeles/ USA
  • Krakow Film Festival, Krakow/ Poland

  • David LaChapelle at home, 2006
    Photographer David LaChapelle at work, 2006